We The Living

For the past few months I’ve been working to bring We The Living to campus to provide a free concert for the students on our campus. It was a lot of back and forth planning, but the band arrived on campus yesterday afternoon, and after a few hours of touring the campus, sampling the dining hall and soundchecking, they went on around 8PM last night.

We The Living is an upstart acoustic band based out of Los Angeles and swung by Mizzou on a tour of the midwest. They played in Lawrence the night before and are in Cincinnati tonight. They’re fairly similar to bands like Lifehouse and Coldplay.

Due to the last-minute finalizing of some details, our advertising for the show was rather sparse. We papered the residence halls, facebooked the crap out of the event and handed stuff out on campus, but we really only had a few days to advertise the show. So I wasn’t expecting a huge crowd to be on hand for the show.

But eight o’clock rolled around and the bands lights came on and there were well over 100 people packed into the Bingham Courtyard for the show. Over the course of the hour or so they played, that number swelled to over 150 maybe close to 200 people that were lined up on the overhead walkways. Maybe they knew about it previously or maybe they just heard the music as they walked back to their residence halls.

But the show was a complete success for both RHA and for the band. After the show they stuck around for a few hours, selling shirts, hoodies and albums and signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. By the time they packed up and headed out for Ohio, I had begun preliminary discussions with them about coming back in February for RHA week. They were really good, and all four of the guys were very polite and nice.

As for RHA week, it looks to be shaping up to be a pretty impressive display of Residential Government power.

Monday – Presidential & Vice Presidential Debates
Tuesday – Open
Wednesday – Possible We The Living & Comedy Wars Pairing
Thursday – Mizzou Iron Chef 2009
Friday – Presidential & Vice Presidential Elections
Saturday – 2009 RHA Inaugural Ball

Alicia & I play their instruments!

Alicia with the band. She liked to hug them.

Bobby and me with the band. My pants got ripped in all the excitement!


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