The Experience Factor

Sarah Palin is still a little green when it comes to political experience. As soon as McCain tabbed Palin to be his number two, the Democrats began their attacks on her experience. And after a week, they’ve begun to comically reach for stuff, and have even resorted to making up completely unfounded stories. The Democrats unpreparedness show that not only was Palin an unexpected VP choice, but also one that scares the Democrats and their war machine.

They started their “foreign policy inexperience” early and are trying to cast her as “not as conservative” as she claims to be. Why is she less conservative than she claims? Because her husband and oldest son are registered independent voters. To Democrats that are incapable of independent thought, this implies that Sarah Palin must not be as conservative as she claims. No mention of her thoroughly conservative past, the party that claims to be for women and gender equality are basically claiming that Sarah Palin should be influenced by her husband and grown son.

When she was pregnant with her fifth child, Palin was attending a conference in Texas. Her water broke, but instead of heading to a hospital in Texas, she gave her speech and flew home without asking for her doctor’s recommendation. When the Democrats got their grubby little hands on this nugget of news, they claimed this action proved Palin had low family values and wasn’t “concerned about the life of an unborn child.” Remind me again which party advocates the outright murder of millions of unborn children each year. The Democrats continue to reach and are obviously scared of McCain’s pick.

When Palin was picked as McCain’s VP, I was sure that her relative inexperience would be ignored by the Democrats due to obvious reasons. I find it not only surprising but completely hypocritical for anyone who calls themselves Democratic to attack the Republican VP on her inexperience when considering the Democrat Presidential candidate’s absolute inexperience.

If I’m the Democrats, I want to avoid this argument at all costs. I keep hearing that Palin’s perceived foreign policy inexperience will be a “heartbeat” away from the Presidency. That’s one of those phrases that Democrat voters learn and then refuse to let go of no matter how juvenile and stupid it is. Every VP is a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Not a new concept guys.

Here’s my take on it. Democrats have a problem with Palin’s foreign policy inexperience potentially being President should McCain die. If Obama is elected President the heartbeat WILL be the President. Obama’s foreign policy experience is made up of a quick trip to Pakistan when he was in college and two trips to the Middle East since joining the Senate, one of which was that pointless rock tour to Germany.

If those pointless travels are considered to be sufficient foreign policy experience then Palin has just about equaled Obama as she has a trip to Iraq under her belt. But Palin also is the governor of Alaska and deals with foreign governments and companies due to Alaska’s standing in importing and exporting oil.

If the Democrats want to open up the inexperience can of worms, that’s fine. That will enable the Republicans open to highlight Obama’s lack of experience in just about everything. People are telling me that by picking Palin, McCain negated the inexperience argument, but instead, they just made Obama more susceptible to the same attack.

Before McCain chose Palin, the Obama campaign avoided the experience like the plague. Then Obama chose Joe Biden and everything was fine. Biden’s experience and wisdom would give America the “National Security leadership that we need,” according to Bubba Clinton. But that’s complete horsesqueeze because as President, Obama will be making the tough international decisions, not Joe Biden. If you had nominated Biden for President, it’s not an issue, but you didn’t. You nominated a junior Senator without adequate experience.

I’ll address Palin’s Executive experience again here, because she’s still the only candidate with any. While Obama has been campaigning for President basically since he joined the Senate, Palin has been very successfully handling her Executive responsibilities as a state Governor.

No matter what my Democratic acquaintances say, Palin’s addition to the fray does not help any experience issues out of play. It has, in fact, intensified and made Barack Obama a loser whose experience is made up of a speech at the last DNC and three years of claiming to be in the US Senate while running for President.

Then there’s Palin, the Republican VP nominee who has been running a city and then a state while Barack Obama ran a campaign. She reformed a corrupt state government, reduced taxes and state spending, dealt with foreign entities and corrected Alaska’s energy needs all while having a baby and raising a family. Sounds like my kind of woman.

If the Democrats want to debate about experience, Republicans like me couldn’t be happier to oblige your needs. Because no matter how you look at it, John McCain’s military experience making executive decisions as a commander, his long resume of public service that have sent him to every corner of the world dealing with foreign leaders combined with the hands on executive experience of Sarah Palin makes her and McCain the slate with real experience, or any experience for that matter, that we need to lead our country.


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  1. Did you see Obama claimed that he had more Executive experience than Palin the other day? Something about him running his own campaign the past two or three years. The guy’s a complete joke.

  2. She might not have the most experience, but that’s not everything. She cares about this country, and you can’t honestly say that about Obama.

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