Obama Speaks

Did he speak? I hardly noticed as John McCain announced his VP choice only a few short hours after Obama finished filling the minds of his empty-headed worshippers with misleading statements and empty promises.

Because so many people have become tired of the Bush administration, Obama and his campaign people are focused on presenting John McCain as another George W. Bush. Obama used the line about McCain voting with Bush 90% of the time. Saying that is effective because the people listening don’t know anything about politics. Let’s think about that line for a minute. Does George W. Bush have a vote in the Senate. Not to my knowledge, and my knowledge is pretty vast. So how does one measure how many times John McCain voted “with” George Bush? I guess you could look at how often a certain Senator votes with the President’s particular party, but a huge majority of Senate votes are unanimous. Which means that Obama is also voting with George Bush most of the time. Just because John McCain supports a bill commending a high school marching band doesn’t mean that his ideology is identical to Bush’s. But it works because Obama supporters are incapable of independent thought.

  • McCain led the battle to restrict interrogation techniques of terror suspects and to ban torture.
  • McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts when they passed.
  • McCain urged the Iraq surge, something Bush rejected for years before finally realizing that the surge was a brilliant idea.
  • McCain supports FDA regulation of tobacco, a position most Republican senators oppose.
  • McCain and Lieberman’s energy bill, is a plan for energy independence and continued development of alternate sources.

These are only the main places where John McCain doesn’t equal George Bush. But again, your typical Democratic voter won’t realize any of this because all they care about is taking candidate’s at face value.

If elected President, Obama will raise the crap out of taxes for small businessmen and women. But during his speech he said

I will eliminate capital gains taxes for the small businesses and start-ups that will create the high-wage, high-tech jobs of tomorrow.

Now, to a Democrat that makes it seem like Obama doesn’t plan to raise taxes on businessmen and women at all. But remember the independent thought, or lack thereof available in the people he’s speaking to.

Small businesses rarely pay these capital gains that Obama wants to eliminate, but they do pay income taxes, and those are the taxes Obama will raise. And then Obama will complain when these business owners can no longer afford to employ the minimum-wage workers for their businesses and they end up blaming the business owners when the blame belongs solely with Obama.

Obama then went on to claim that McCain and his people weren’t planning “one penny” of tax relief for over 100 million American people. That sounds like a great attack on McCain if you’re listening to the speech and rather uneducated, which most of his supporters are.

Educated Republicans know all too well about the tax breakdowns in our country. We know that bottom half of income earners in America pay just about 3% of all individual income taxes. The bottom 40% pays zero percent of those collected taxes. If we estimate the population of the US to be about 300 million, that equates to 120 million Americans having no federal income tax responsibility at all. But Obama continues to bleat that McCain is offering no tax relief for these people. Relief from what???

Another long-standing Democratic ideology that Barack Obama is buying into and pushing is that people with high incomes have not earned anything, rather, everything they have has been given to them. Obama tells his idiot audience that the Republicans want to give more and more to those with the most and hope the prosperity will trickle down to the rest. Because Democrats believe that everything rich people have was given to them, they see no wrong in taking it all back to even the playing field, a la communism. Just because Democrats don’t work hard for what they have, they can’t understand that Republicans do. Obama flat-out said that we’ll raise taxes not to increase government revenues, but to make things “fair.” What’s fair is letting people keep what they EARNED , and not giving it to people that are too lazy and stupid to help themselves.

Democrats use the phrase “give back” like it’s going out of style. Charity by successful people isn’t appreciated as one individual giving selflessly what they have earned to someone who has less. To Democrats, it’s just them giving back some of the things that were given to them. Accomplishment and the concept of earning have no place in the Democratic Party.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about why I’m voting for John McCain and since then, I’ve only solidified my position listening to McCain and now Sarah Palin explain their goals for America. I challenged anyone to tell me why they planned on voting for Barack Obama based on his qualifications and actual candidate policies. No one has been able to do that, although I wasn’t really expecting anyone to be able to.


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