Yes We Can’t

Everyone’s heard (and is probably fed up with) Barack Obama and his groupies repeating the following phrase:

Yes We Can

I guess it’s catchy and it certainly attracts people that can’t claim individual accomplishments and must rely on the the government to help (read, do everything for) them. But for any informed voter, it highlights the lack of any significant accomplishments or experienceby Obama himself.

And I’ve noticed, although the McCain campaign hasn’t expressly used this slogan, the things they say and the things they’ve done pretty much emphasize one point.

Yes I Have

McCain has been there, he’s done the things necessary to lead a country as great as our own, and one with all of the resources that we have. While Obama is parading himself in front of the adoring and misguided media, making high and mighty promises to his mostly empty-headed supporters. He has two years of being a United States Senator and seven or so years of being a State Senator on his resume. He keeps very questionable company and changes his colors faster than a mood ring on a teenage girl.

I can spend my entire 21st birthday downing shots and pitchers and pints. I can drive home afterward and I can skip all my Friday classes (of which I have four). But just because I can do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, it doesn’t mean it’s smart and it certainly doesn’t mean I will. Think of Obama as your 21st birthday party. You’re going to hear and see a lot of things you like. You’re going to want to do all of them. But things are going to turn sour really quick. You’re going to end up with a huge bill and all your guests will be gone. You’re going to have to walk home from the bar and wake up with a horrible hangover.

Barack Obama can. But he won’t. John McCain will.



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  1. This is seriously a great post. The whole birthday analogy is perfect. I don’t know if the “huge bill” line was on purpose, but it was spectacular. There’s not going to be a teleprompter in the White House.

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