Today’s Idiots: Flip-Floppers

*Not about Barack Obama, you can keep reading*

I finally remembered why I hate coming back to college.

It isn’t the millions (yes millions, I counted) of freshman girls all rushing for their respective sororities (Greek Life: Because buying friends is better than making them). Yes, all these girls walking around in matching clothing are annoying, but tolerable because many of them are cute.

It isn’t the tens of thousands of lost parents holding a box fan or a microwave in their arms with their cars parked in the middle of campus right next to the “NO PARKING” signs.

It’s flip-flops. Maybe not flip-flops as footwear themselves, but the idiots that wear them. After a morning and afternoon of walking around campus listening to the back of flip flops drag across the ground I went back to my place, pulled off my socks and slipped on my sandals. I walked outside and was astounded when I figured out it was possible to walk silently in these confounded apparatuses.

Maybe there’s something that I’m missing but it seems to me that picking up your feet when you walk not only appeases the people around you that hate the sound of flip-flops but it also saves you money by not having to replace flip flops every two weeks.

I think these people are just lazy. They shuffle along ruining their kicks and doing so in an entirely too-loud fashion. Not to mention that flip flops are also the laziest type of footwear. No laces, no socks and you don’t even have to bend over to put them on, which, while appealing to fat people shouldn’t be much of a problem for those who are still rather bendy.


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