Why I’m Voting For John McCain

A lot of people complain about how many negative things I have to say about Barack Obama, so now I’ll outline why I’ll vote for John McCain in November and not Barack Obama.

John McCain was not my first choice and I did not vote for him in the primaries, but when presented with the choice between him and Barack Obama, McCain is the far better choice.

We all know that conservatives are more likely to think for themselves and form individual opinions based on their own research and experiences. When liberals are asked to explain why they support or oppose something, they are much more likely to simply start repeating liberal talking points or accusing a conservative of intolerance or hatred. This is often because they haven’t actually stopped to consider an answer to important questions for themselves. That’s not the Democrat way of doing things.

Many people have told me why they are NOT voting for McCain, but no one can give me a solid response to why they ARE voting for Barack Obama. While my opposition to Obama is justified, I’ve realized that I haven’t really justified voting for McCain. He’s simply been the proverbial “lesser of two evils” when thrown in with Barack Obama.

War/National Security: McCain has always been the best in regards to this important issue. He supports the military and whose military service is impeccable and unquestionable. He stood in support for victory in Iraq and was right in the end when the surge worked because of that policy and the unbelievable job done by American soldiers.

He gets that the one and only way to end radical Islamic terrorism is to beat the hell out of it and not have a sit-down chat. His knowledge of the military is unmatched by candidates and understands that it is necessary to sometimes protect our freedoms by fighting evil. Support: 10/10

Energy/Oil: He loses points for momentarily buying into the global warming myth, but he understands that we need oil and he now supports domestic drilling. He realizes that relying on foreign oil for 70% of our oil creates an economic problem and a national security threat. Support: 6/10

Taxes: No tax increases. John McCain supports personal achievement and individual responsibility. He knows that the successful American citizen knows how to spend their money than the government. Support: 8/10

Government Spending: McCain favors limited government and limited government spending. As a President should. Excessive government spending will bankrupt the United States. Support: 8/10

The Supreme Court: In the next four years one, maybe two Justices will retire. The replacements will determine whether the Supreme Court upholds Constitutional law, or tries to legislate from above. Samuel Alito and John Roberts are Constitutional judges that John McCain has expressed deserved support for. These are two that understand the responsibility of the Supreme Court is to apply the law as it is in the Constitution and not use their position as a way of pushing liberal legislation that dies in Congress. Support: 10/10

Abortion: This is a do-or-die issue for some people, myself included. I cannot, in good faith vote for a candidate that supports this despicable practice. John McCain has a 25-year record in favor of the sanctity of life and believes that the rights of the unborn begin at conception, not birth or the first trimester. Although I’m not fond of the recent rumors that he’d consider a pro-choice VP candidate. Support: 9/10

Immigration: He did sponsor that amnesty bill awhile back, but he seems to have come to understand that border security is the most important issue in regards to illegal immigration. He demonstrates at least some willingness to listen to the American people. Support: 7/10

It’s true that I will vote for John McCain because I will not support Barack Obama. Many people support Obama because he sounds and looks good. But those are incredibly shallow and unacceptable reasons to support a Presidential candidate.

McCain’s policies gel with my own personal beliefs and opinions. But my opinions are somewhat educated and driven by a belief that personal achievement cannot be overvalued. I believe that America is at its best when it’s citizens work hard and are able to support themselves. I believe in an America where you receive benefits because you’ve worked for them, and earned them. Not one where people feel they have some sort of fabricated right to things; that they are entitled to this and that.

McCain understands that terrorists won’t stop trying to destroy everything that America is and that radical Islam needs to be forcefully stamper out. He’s slowly coming around to the fact that illegal immigrants do not benefit the country.

Add all that to the fact that he is not Barack Obama, and he’s the only choice I see that makes any sense in November. If you disagree, that’s fine. But don’t feed me all this shite about “hope” and “change.” Don’t tell me what you don’t like about John McCain, because if that’s all you have, then don’t vote. Tell me why Barack Obama’s experience, policies and qualifications make him a good choice for the White House.

Now, I do believe that it is imperative that McCain make a good, yet strategic VP selection. While I do like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney and believe both would be a fine VP choice, neither of them help distinguish the slate as more than another Bush/Cheney. I’d say Hutchinson, the Senator from Texas would be a good choice, although she’s probably got a little too much baggage for McCain to chance. Personally, I’d like to see McCain pick up Sarah Palin, the first-term governor from Alaska. She would be a great strategic pick as well as a excellent political VP choice as well. I’m going to go out on a limb and say McCain picks Palin and makes the 2008 Presidential election a whole lot more interesting.


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