JCBC Softball: Game 8


I proudly present to you .. OFFENSE!

After seven games of playing against opposing teams AND the umpires, we finally figured out how to beat the system. Score so many runs that it doesn’t matter if the umpires call the other team’s guy safe at third even though our third baseman tagged him three steps in front of third.

Everybody on the team had a hit and everyone scored at least twice. David hit a grand slam in the first inning and a solo shot in the third and finished with seven RBI. TJ had three hits, including two in-the-park-home runs and drove in four runs. Dwight drove in five runs from the leadoff spot and JT collected four hits, including a double.

The game ended when TJ [purposely] let a ball bounce over his head so he could chase it down, throw it to Lou who nailed the runner at the plate. But what surprised me most is that the umpire was paying attention and called the guy out.

Unfortunately for all of you, I failed to get thrown out of the game as I promised I would. But I came close.

In the third inning on the aforementioned play where we nailed a runner at, or more accurately, three steps before third base. For some reason Umpire Fatty McButterpants wasn’t anywhere near the bag (no cheeseburger) and for some other unbeknownst reason, the home plate umpire felt it more pressing to pick up a bat rather than watch the play. So he called him safe and explained to our third baseman that he didn’t see it because he was apparently saving lives by moving the bat.

The next batter routinely flies out to left field and this encounter takes place between me and Fatty McButterpants.

“Wonder if he saw that one.”
“Watch the mouth one-two [my number is 12], watch the mouth.
“You watching this game, blue?”
“You want to get tossed, one-two?

Perhaps, perhaps. I really wanted to answer, but we only had ten players and would have had to play a man down (two, because TJ likes to do everything I do, like see Batman in IMAX) and even though we had a big lead, I didn’t want to cripple the team.

And with the win we advance into the playoffs. It’s like the Eastern Conference in the NFC! And here are your John’s Creek leaders for the 2008 Summer Season (15 AB needed to qualify)

At-Bats – TJ (25)
Hits – Nate (12)
Runs – Nate (12)
Doubles – Nate (9)
Triples – Ned, Dwight, TJ, Robert, Lou (all with 1)
Home Runs – David (3)
Walks – Dwight (6)
Strikeouts – Rob (3)
Reached on Error – Josh, TJ (3)
Runs Batted In – David, Dwight, Nate (10)
Sacrifice Flies – Nate, TJ, Robert (1)
Average – Nate (.583 – 14-for-24)
On Base Percentage – Ned (.792-wow!)
Slugging Percentage – Nate (.958)
On Base Plus Slugging – Nate (1.651)

It’s important to note that David put up a .500 average, 1.600 SLG and a sick 2.100 OPS in 10 AB this season.


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