What Do I Think About Brett Favre?

First off, I still don’t understand why it’s spelled one way and pronounced another.

Regarding the trade itself, it’s certainly a good one for the Jets if only because Green Bay had to make a trade. The Jets were lucky they don’t play the Packers, weren’t in their conference and probably aren’t good enough to potentially meet the Packers in a Super Bowl this year or next. Currently, the Jets get Favre for a fourth-round pick, but it will most likely escalate to a third-rounder, possibly a second-rounder depending on how Favre and the Jets do. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume the Jets could make the playoffs (they did only two years ago). If the Jets end up playing in the Super Bowl, then they send a first-round pick to Green Bay and personally, I think that’s worth it. It would either be the 31st or 32nd pick, which is basically a second-round pick anyways. If you told me I could get to a Super Bowl while losing my first round draft choice, I’d do it every time.

As for Favre himself, he always rubbed me the wrong way and the past month or so hasn’t helped. I get why he wanted to play for Minnesota or Chicago or Tampa Bay over the Jets, since he’s more familiar with not only their offenses, but the competition he’d face week in and week out. But it’s incredibly egotistical of the man to put the Packers through all that after everything they’ve done for him and put up with. From what I hear, Favre had to be assured that New York is a pretty big media market and he’ll get his attention. Maybe that’s good, maybe not.

Regardless of how I feel about Brett Favre, there’s no doubt that he improves the Jets. Last night, the Jets had one quarterback who had poise and experience and another one that could throw the ball a mile. Now they’ve got one with all that stuff. We’ll finally see if Laveranues Coles is the deep threat he thinks he is. In the early parts of training camp, reports were that Clemens wasn’t impressing much and Chad Pennington was more of not losing the job than winning it.

What the addition of Brett Favre does is make every situation manageable. The Jets were a horrible conversion team in just about any yardage situation and their only fourth down play was to hope they could draw the defense offsides. And that doesn’t really work in the NFL too much. The Jets have had some pretty decent receiving options what with Jerricho Cotchery coming into his own and rookie “tight end” Dustin Keller catching on quick. Add in Coles and Favre’s old tight end Bubba Franks and I could see the offense improving drastically. The Jets will probably run the ball more this year than in past years which could also help Favre’s transition.

Of course I don’t expect the addition of Favre to allow the Jets to overtake the Patriots in the division, but they should be the favorites to finish right behind New England. The Pats lost Randall Gay and Asante Samuel this summer and will be breaking in a new secondary. Sure, there front seven is impressive, but Favre’s wriggled out of stuff a million times before and an improved line should allow him enough time to hopefully exploit a team’s coverage schemes.

Is Brett Favre a favorite of mine? Certainly not, but he does drastically improve this team and that’s basically what a fan wants to see from management. This season will certainly be more exciting and publicized, if nothing else. I don’t like Brett Favre, but I like the Jets and this move made sense for them.


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