JCBC Softball: Game 7


Alright, here it goes.

I’ve been thinking back on my previous baseball and softball experiences and never in my life has the officiating cost my team a win. Sure, umpires have blown calls and blown our CHANCE at winning the game, but tonight Umpire Fatty McButterpants and his partner cost John’s Creek the game.

Completely ignoring the two strike zones (one for the top half of the inning and one for the bottom half) let me take you to the bottom of the fourth inning. There are two outs and runners on first and second. One run had scored in the inning and their batter lofted a fly ball to right field. Our fielder bobbles the ball allowing the runner from second to score and the runner from first to come around third and head home. I take the relay throw and fire a perfect laser to Josh, waiting at the plate.

First off, the first runner bumps him (which should be an interference call and make the second runner automatically out) but the home plate umpire is too busy chatting the other team’s captain, some fake-tan punk, to care. As Josh stands on home plate with the ball and tags the second runner out by more than a step I start jogging off the field.


I spin around to find that home plate umpire Baldspot McBlindspot has called the second runner safe. At this point I take two steps towards this a-hole while biting my tongue to avoid being tossed out of the game. Several “You gotta be kidding me’s” and a few “unbelievable’s” followed. I told Fatty McButterpants that he and his partner were killing us and he said the guy “slid in safely”.

They go on to score two more runs that inning before ironically, the annoying punk captain of the other team grounds out to me to end the inning.


I’ll continue with some more blatantly biased calls.

  • In the third inning, Josh leads off with a clean single to right. As the right-fielder bobbles the ball, Josh heads for second and slides in well ahead of the tag. The shortstop proceeds to kick Josh’s foot off the base, tag him and toss the ball back to his pitcher as the umpire calls Josh out.
  • In our eight run sixth-inning, Josh is headed to third on a throwing error and their pitcher tries to trick Josh into sliding by pretending the ball is coming when in reality it’s rolling down the left-field line. Luckily Josh doesn’t pay attention to such things as ball location, but the pitcher’s actions are still grounds for ejection. Not so much as a warning.
  • This one needs some setting up. There’s three minutes remaining on the time limit and they’re the home team up to bat with the score tied. They get a leadoff double and then their next guy grounds out to short, moving the runner to third. The next guy walks and the guy after him lifts a long fly ball to left. Zachary catches it for the second out, and the go-ahead run from third scores. However, the runner at first left the bag a good two seconds before Zachary catches it so had we thrown the ball to first we would have doubled off the runner, thus disallowing the run and ending the inning. But the home plate umpire called the game as soon as the run scored, obviously not aware of all of the game’s rules. When I argued with him, he informed me that it “wouldn’t have made any difference.” Except the fact that the game would still be tied, and not over.


We have one game remaining in the season, and I wouldn’t mind if the umpires continue to alter the outcome of the game, because I don’t mind getting run from the last game. I’m bringing my own umpires next week.

Abbreviated Boxscore

Dwight: 1-3, R, BB (on base 17 times in 7 games)
Ned: 3-4, R, RBI (leads the team in hitting at .643)
TJ: 0-3 (on the team)
Lou: 2-3, 2R, 2 2B, RBI (average up to .333)
Zachary: 1-3, R, 2RBI (6th on the team in RBI despite playing in only 2 games)
Nathaniel: 2-3, R, 2B, RBI (leads team in OBP [.727] and SLG% [1.000])
Robert: 2-3, R, RBI (tied for team lead in RBI with 8 )
JT: 2-3, R, RBI (first multi-hit game of the season)
James: 1-3, R, RBI (3 for his last 6 after starting the season 0-for-6)
Josh: 1-3, R, ROE (tied for team lead in HR with one)
Michael: 1-3, R, RBI


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