Today’s Idiot: The Lady In Front Of Me At Arby’s

Yes, I eat at Arby’s. Its delicious food cannot be matched by any other fast-food restaurant I’ve yet encountered. It specializes in delicious and scrumptious roast beef, and the thing about roast beef, is it’s really pretty much an American thing. I’ve been abroad too many times to count and foreign countries just haven’t discovered how to put delicious roast beef on a bun and eat it. Ham, turkey and other sandwich meats, yes, but not roast beef.

So I’m standing in line today on my lunch break at Arby’s, salivating at the thought of my Bacon Beef ‘N Cheddar sandwich (two fantastic meats in one sandwich) and over my thoughts I hear the lady in front of me order a regular roast beef sandwich. She gets her food, and as I’m waiting for mine, she returns to the counter with the sandwich unwrapped and gets the attention of the girl behind the counter.

I’m preparing to hear the lady tell the girl how wonderful the sandwich is and if she can have two more, but then she comes up with this gem.

Can I get a new sandwich? This one has too much roast beef on it.

Too much roast beef! That’s crazytalk! The general rule of thumb is, if it fits in the bun, you can add one more slice of roast beef and it’s still not too much. One cannot have too much roast beef on a sandwich.

So the girl behind the counter took the sandwich, threw it away and made the lady a new one. The two of them combined to waste 5oz of perfectly good beef. How sad.


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  1. That’s terrible. What a waste….throwing away perfectly good food, good Lord.

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