Today’s Idiot: Barack Obama (Vol. III)

It’s getting to the point where every day could have a new Barack Obama edition, as he’s easily one of the most clueless and least qualified people to ever run for President of the United States.

As you may have heard, Barack Obamamania took it’s show overseas. He spoke to thousands upon thousands of Europeans, which in itself is interesting because no matter which position he decides to take, none of those people can vote for him, so I don’t know why he was interested in them.

During his time in Germany, you may have heard that Barack Obama decided not to visit the American troops. McCain and others called him out on this and the Obama Spin Machine kicked into gear. They said that the Pentagon wouldn’t allow them to visit the troops. Which simply isn’t true.

Obama wanted to make his visit to the troops a campaign event, just like every other single thing he does. He wanted all his people there and he wanted cameras. Lots of them. That’s when the Pentagon stepped in and said he could bring a few Secret Service men and a few aides, but that was it.

And all of a sudden, Obama had other things to do. The only reason Obama cancelled his visit with the troops is because he couldn’t turn it into a campaign event. It would have been something done simply for other people, and Barack Obama doesn’t really care about other people, and he certainly doesn’t give a damn about the American military. Obama, just like many other Democrats despise the military.

Also, if you’ll notice, the Democrats are still complaining about the War. But they’ve moved their focus to Afghanistan. Why? Because we’re winning the War in Iraq. Damn. All that complaining about winning.

Finally, the bumper sticker that says “When Women Vote, Democrats Win” is probably one of the truest bumper stickers I’ve ever seen.

Now don’t go crying that Nate says that all women vote stupidly. Because I know plenty of women that are intelligent and vote based on information and qualifications rather than the empty lies that they’re fed.

Democrats favor big government, which is the way to vote if you’re not planning on being a productive member of society. Women (not all, but for the most part) seek security. They want to be safe and secure when raising their children. And it’s someone else’s job to provide that security. That someone else shouldn’t be the government. Call me sexist, but I’m a traditionalist. I’d rather work 2 or 3 extra hours a day to provide for my family than have all these pointless government programs designed to do what individuals should be doing themselves.

Women prefer the word “security” over “freedom”

I’d rather have the freedom to provide my own security. Democrats hate individual success and personal achievement.

So go ahead, believe his tricks but don’t complain if this rock star figurehead ends up in the White House. There are no redeeming qualities to this man. He’s awful.


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