JCBC Softball: Game 6


Another loss dropped John’s Creek to 1-5 on the year, but this was the first game to get through all 7 innings before the time limit. So it was a close and good game for the most part.

John’s Creek only scored in one of the seven innings, but plated six runs, helped in part by two errors by the other team’s shortstop. John’s Creek banged out 13 hits, but managed to hit into a double play and six fielder’s choices to keep runs at a premium. TJ continued his hot hitting with another two hits and JT recorded his first hit of the season. A solid single off the pitcher’s buttock. Nate had two more doubles and James followed his first hit of the season with his second, and drove in a run.

The defense was pretty good, but had a couple of misplayed balls in the outfield that cost them quite a few runs.

Again, with no outs in the third inning, with four runs in already and nobody out for John’s Creek, the umpires decided we were making the game too close for comfort. With Bryan on second and TJ on first, Lou chopped a ball to the shortstop. He flipped the ball to the second baseman who was about as close to the bag as I was, and I was in the dugout. However, Umpire Fatty McButterpants called TJ out. TJ had some well-deserved questions for the umpire who made some spit excuse about keeping people safe.


Before I get mad, here’s the abbreviated boxscore:

Dwight: 2-4, R, HR, 3RBI
Bryan: 0-3, R, ROE
TJ: 2-3 (average up to .389)
Lou: 0-3, R
Ned: 1-3
Nate: 2-2, 2 2B, RBI (sacrifice fly)
Robert: 1-3
Darren: 0-3
JT: 1-3, R
Josh: 1-3, R
James: 2-3, R, RBI


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  1. That’s my boy!

  2. umps sound like a dick

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