Today’s Idiot: Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon is the manager for the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s got his young team in first place in baseball’s toughest division and they’re playing well. They’ve pitched well, fielded even better and hit enough to win a lot of ball games.

Last night, the Yankees (3 games behind Tampa Bay) traded four minor league prospects for Pittsburgh outfielder Xavier Nady and left-handed reliever Damaso Marte. Both players were targeted by Tampa Bay, but they balked at Pittsburgh’s asking price. So what was Maddon’s response to the Yankees ponying up the necessary prospects to obtain Nady and Marte?

It doesn’t surprise me, that’s the way they do things. They’re going to buy people at the appropriate time.

I sense there’s some resentment in Tampa. Tampa Bay has a farm system that’s regarded by many as the best in baseball, and much better than New York’s. If Tampa had truly wanted Nady and Marte (who are also under contract through 2009 at a decent price) all they had to do was part with some minor leaguers. They didn’t and the Yankees did. That’s why Marte and Nady are playing for the Yankees, not because New York “bought” them, but because they were willing to take a risk to improve their team this year.


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  1. yep. you are sooo right. The Yankees never go out and just buy players when they need them…That is why they will be able to get Jarrod Washburn for a crap-prospect. Oh yeah, that and the fact they will take the remaining $14MM in salary. And certainly ANY team could have gone out and traded for Bobby Abreu and the 2-years and $31MM remaining on his deal when Sheffield got hurt (another player making $13MM that season). The Yankees basically paid two guys about $28MM that season to play right field.

    Shall I go on? Because really. If you are going to argue that the Yankees don’t buy players whenever they need them, then we are going to be here a while.

  2. Thank you Mr. Cork. Another person that blindly accuses the Yankees out of ignorance and jealousy.

    The argument wasn’t that the Yankees have never bought players. They do quite regularly. But not this time. Nady and Marte’s contracts are both reasonable deals that a team like the Rays could have afforded to take on. They didn’t make a move due to the Pirates demand of prospects.

    You’re in the same boat as Joe Maddon. This was not a salary dump by the Pirates. The Washburn deal would be, but that’s not what this post was about.

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