Today’s Idiot: John Wiley Price

In Dallas County, TX (where Dallas is) the collections office that processes traffic tickets has been slacking off in recent years. So the county commissioners met to decide what to do with the problem.

Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said it seemed that collections office “has become a black hole” because paperwork reportedly has become lost in the office.

Buckle you seat belts.

Fellow commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black interrupted his colleague’s report and saying the office has become a “white hole.”

So a black Texas judge, Thomas Jones, is now demanding that Mayfield apologize for his racially insensitive analogy.

This is unbelievable. “Blackhole” is a common scientific term that for Price’s, Jones’ and any other idiot out there who doesn’t know, means “the invisible remains of a collapsed star, with an intense gravitational field from which neither light nor matter can escape.”

Some black people are just looking to call white people racists. There is a scientific phenomenon called a “blackhole” that applied to the Dallas County discussion. There is also a “white hole” although it’s just a theoretical reversal of a black hole. Perhaps it’s racist that a black hole steals any matter that crosses its’ horizon and a white hole gives back to the universe, but Kenneth Mayfield used a scientific term properly. Don’t call him a racist, Mr. Price, just because you skipped Science class.


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