Surprise, Surprise

Pulled this off


Can’t say I’m surprised at the results. When I took the survey 783263 had already taken it. That means 408,000 people voted that Derek Jeter was the least deserving of his all-star spot. As I argued here, while Derek Jeter wasn’t the correct choice over Michael Young, but he was a better decision than Pedroia over Kinsler, Ortiz over Bradley and Manny Ramirez over about a dozen guys.

305,000 people decided that Jeter wasn’t the least deserving and instead chose the guy that is far-and-away the best player at his position. Nevermind that A-Rod is hitting .344/.441/.669 with 14 HR and 39 RBI in 45 games since coming off the disabled list (a 50HR, 140RBI pace).

The fact that Joe Mauer and A-Rod got any votes speaks volumes for the ignorance of American baseball fans. I know that most of the people that voted for A-Rod or Jeter have probably been fans since about October 20, 2004 and probably couldn’t tell you anything about either guys’ current season except “he sucks, go Sawx!” but it’s still painful that America’s national pastime has some of the most dense and shallow followers of American sports.


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