JCBC Softball Game 1


I’m captaining the John’s Creek Men’s Softball team in a First Redeemer league this summer. Basically, I’m coordinating about 15 men and trying to put together a functioning team.

We had two lightly-attended practices before our season started, and our first game was on Monday. It was also the first time we had most of the guys together and we played a team from First Redeemer Church.

The first game was a good learning experience as I was able to see how everyone hit and where they were best suited to play in the field. We lost 12-10, but I think we were a better team. Our best three hitters went a combined 2-9 with only one run scored and our defense was shoddy at best while we experimented people in different positions. Now I know where everyone is best suited to play in the field.

Personally I went 2-for-3 with a pair of doubles and three runs scored. I was the only player on the team to score more than once. Our next game is July 1 at 9:30pm against another First Redeemer team.

Here’s an abbreviated boxscore from the game.

Robert: 1-3, 3-run 3B, K’d twice
Bryan: 1-3, Drove in a run
TJ: 1-3, Made an error (fielding)
Lou: 0-3
Nate: 2-3, 3 R, 2 2B
Russ: 1-3, scored a run and drove on in
David: 1-3, 3-run HR
Dwight: 1-1, walked twice
Chuck: 1-3, GIDP
Randy: 0-3, scored a run
James: 0-3, drove in a run



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  1. That’s my baby! But win next time.


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