MLB Draft

I find the MLB draft far more interesting than either the two-round NBA draft or the NFL draft, and although I was was excited that Gerrit Cole fell to the Yankees at 28, I was pleasantly surprised with the Yankees’ twelfth round pick (380th overall).

The Yankees took Luke Grienke, a right-handed pitcher from Auburn.  Luke is the brother of Kansas City Royals ace Zach Grienke.  On a cruise in 2005, I met Luke on the ship’s basketball court as he vacationed with his parents.  We hung out for the few days we were at sea and he was a really nice kid.  I hope he really does well and eventually reaches the majors in some capacity.  Hopefully as a successful pitcher with the Yankees.

Another pick I was interested in was Pat Venditte, a pitcher from Creighton University.  The interesting thing about Venditte is that he’s ambidextrous.  He pitches both left-handed and right-handed depending on the batter.  As a kid that used to pound brick walls with tennis balls from both hands long ago, I can attest to exactly how hard and amazing that is at the same time.  Imagine having a reliever that could neutralize any pinch-hitting move.  He was drafted in the 20th round (620th overall) so he obviously doesn’t have as much projection as a major leaguer, but the whole “left/right” thing is pretty cool.


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