GA Challenging Voter ID Laws

Why is it that only Democrats seem to oppose voter ID laws?

It couldn’t possibly be that Democrats rely exponentially more on voter fraud than Republican candidates? Shocking.

These desperate Democrats say that such laws would “disenfranchise likely Democratic voters because the poor people and minorities may not have obtained a free voter ID card at voter registration offices.” So people have to go out of their way to get a FREE identification card.

Georgia’s challenging the constitutionality of this law because their own Constitution says that any 18-year old citizen can vote given he or she meets minimum residency requirements, has registered to vote and hasn’t been convicted of a felony or been found mentally incompetent.

May I suggest a liberal state of mind constitutes mental incompetence?

Still, this argument would hold more water if the Democrats could produce ONE eligible voter that has been blocked from casting a ballot because of the law. They can’t because all the law does is prevent people who aren’t legal voters (read, illegal criminal immigrants) from casting illegal votes.

And these comparisons to a poll tax must end. The identification is free, so even the lazy-as-crap welfare queens can obtain them. It doesn’t disenfranchise voters because of cost, it disenfranchises them because they have to exert a little effort. And any effort these people do should be paid for and executed by the government. Screw individual responsibility.

Also, buy this book.

And I’ll be weighing in on New York recognizing out-of-state gay marriages. I promise it’ll be a good one.


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