In 10 Words Or Less

I apologize for neglecting this little write-up, but I don’t care about you. Here’s one. Maybe it’s for this week, maybe it’s for June. Who knows?

Rays (34-22): First place in June? Seriously?
Red Sox (34-24): Major fail on the road.
Toronto (31-27): Jays now scouting bat boys from every team.
Yankees (28-27): Out of the basement. For now.
Orioles (26-28): Eutaw Street attraction to visiting teams. Not Orioles.

White Sox (30-25): Ozzie’s immaturity well documented. Now joined by Orlando Cabrera.
Twins (28-27): Fleeced by Mets for Santana. Fleeced by Rays for Garza.
Indians (25-30): Trade Sabathia now.
Tigers (23-32): 19 runs one night, none the next .. consistency apparently overrated.
Royals (22-34): Knew they’d win at least one more before July.

Angels (33-24): Only true major league ballclub in the West.
Athletics (29-27): How does the name Athletics lead to elephant mascot?
Rangers (28-27): Volquez-for-Hamilton best trade of the offseason.
Mariners (21-35): What did you expect when Steve Phillips predicts World Series?

Marlins (31-23): Still?!
Phillies (32-35): Chase Utley = beast.
Braves (29-27): Major fail on the road (7-20).
Mets (27-27): Major fail in general.
Nationals (24-33): New stadium’s pretty cool.

Cubs (35-21): Flat-out good .. dare I start to believe?
Cardinals (33-24): Wasn’t Pujols’ elbow crap? How’s he so freakin’ good?
Astros (30-27): Big Puma.
Brewers (28-28): Brewers as bad as their parks’ beer.
Reds (27-29): Why wasn’t Bruce in Cincinnati in April?
Pirates (26-29): There’s a bright yellow bridge just behind their stadium.

Diamondbacks (31-25): Randy Johnson #2 on strikeout list. No steroids or affairs.
Dodgers (27-28): Torre back in New York. And insurance commercials.
Giants (23-33): Zito wins!
Padres (23-34): Mathematically eliminated in May, I think.
Rockies (20-36): Mathematically eliminated in Spring Training.


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