Crystal Balling A Democrat In The White House

We can pretty much assume that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee to face off against John McCain in November. Bob Barr is entertaining his own fantasies to run on the Libertarian ticket. I like Libertarians, maybe more than I do John McCain, but I’m not wasting my vote on Barr. The consequences would be too severe. If McCain fails to beat Obama (or, for giggles, Hillary) what will happen to our country? Nothing good for America.

  1. Some sort of mandatory and government sponsored health care will take place. It’ll be the biggest entitlement bullspit that America has ever seen.
  2. Taxes will rise. Tons. Without that threat of a Presidential veto, the Democratic Congress will raise taxes to finance their Socialist agenda.
  3. The military? Surrender and appeasement will become the accepted policy. Neville Chamberlain would be proud. It’ll suffer huge financial cuts which will leave the nation vulnerable and the troops without the proper weaponry.
  4. The chance that a Supreme Court Justice (or two) will retire within the next 4 years is high. Obama/Hillary nominating anyone to interpret the law of this country is unthinkable. It’ll be another Ginsburg-type and swing the court far left. Unacceptable.
  5. Complete dependency on the federal government will be the objective of a Democratic President.

I believe that if a Democrat is elected President this year, along with a Democratic Congress will be a complete disaster. Two years of total Democrat/Socialist control will add massive programs and taxes that will be near impossible to reverse even with a Conservative President and Congress

The damage to the military is not only a danger to this Country but will leave us far more vulnerable to another 9/11 type of attack. This time it could very well come in the form of a dirty or nuclear bomb with casualties in the tens of thousands or more. Why do you think that a terrorist group like Hamas endorses Barack Obama ? Because his military and foreign policy ideas work to the advantage of, and appeasement to terrorists. Hillary is no better.

You probably know that McCain wasn’t my choice to represent that GOP in November. I don’t like his views on illegal immigration and “global warming”, but I would rather fight McCain 25 – 35% of the time than fight Hillary or Obama 100% of the time and watch America take the slippery path to Socialism under their leadership.

McCain is strong on National Security and the military, backs Conservative Judges like Alito and Roberts, favors tax cuts and major tax reform, is against government sponsored health care and understands that appeasement to Iran, Syria and Islamic Fascism is dangerous to our people and our Nation.

The threat of socialist ideals hasn’t been this pronounced since the days of FDR and his Social Security (which we’re still suffering through 70 years after the fact).

We’re going to hear either a lot about racism or a lot about sexism in the upcoming months. Neither will hold any water, but we’ll hear it. I have no doubts a woman could lead this nation. I have no doubts a black man could lead this nation. But not this woman or this black man. Too few voters pay enough attention to a candidate’s platform and qualifications. Hillary is a pathological and manipulative liar who’s out to take care of one particular woman. Barack Obama is an enthusiastic campaign speech lacking any substance who couldn’t handle pressure any better than that translator from “Saving Private Ryan”.

So while Bob Barr may be an attractive alternative to John McCain in November, if conservatives flock to him, they’ll end up putting a Democrat in the White House for four years. And America can’t survive that.


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  1. You get ’em Captain!

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