Voter ID Now Validated

The Supreme Court ruled that states can require picture identification before allowing anyone to vote.

This upsets the left.

Why? Because the left, particularly Democrats, depend on illegally cast votes for their future power. That’s partly why Democrats don’t want to do anything to curb the Hispanic Invasion. Remember Loretta Brixey? If you don’t, maybe you’ll recall Loretta Sanchez. It’s the same person. In 1994, she ran unsuccessfully for the 46th district in southern California, and ran again in 1996. This time, she changed her last name to “Sanchez” and beat six-time incumbent Bob Dornan. When the Republicans asked for an investigation of the thousands of illegal votes that were cast (more votes than registered voters) the Democrats cried racism.

Racism: The Great Democratic Refuge.

Back to now. When the Democrats tried to kill this in Indiana, they couldn’t find any legal Indiana resident that would be prevented from voting by a low requiring a picture ID. Doesn’t it just suck when Democrats can’t find victims?

Just to let you know, Justice Souter (a traditionally liberal voter) made some remark in his dissent about the “right to vote”. There is no right to vote. You’d think that a Justice of our Supreme Court would know that.


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