Questioning Barack Obama

I don’t get why Barack Obama has become the apple of the left’s eye, but he has. The left has fallen head over heels in love with this man and Barack Obama plays right into that.

But why do they love him? What does anyone really know about this first-time Senator from Illinois and President hopeful? Particularly in the last few weeks, his patriotism and love for the country have been questioned. His speeches are filled with subtle and unwarranted elitism.

From the onset of his campaign, the media has been Obama’s biggest ally, focused on trashing Hillary Clinton and ignoring Mr. Obama’s shortcomings for the most part. But now, the media has started trying to find out who the real Barack Obama is and what he really feels. And that apparently doesn’t sit right with Obama. In the Democrat debate last week when when moderators asked hard questions about his association, his racists and elitist statements and his unwillingness to show allegiance to the flag, Obama complained about this treatment. He should simply be thankful that he had been given such a free pass up to this point.

He complained that the first hour of the debate the “issues” concerning Americans were not covered. You know what? Your patriotism and allegiance to this country ARE issues during this campaign. You want to forgo allegiance to the flag, that’s fine, this is America after all, but you can expect that we’re going to drill you with questions about that. We’re not all ignorant followers of the cult that is America’s Democratic Party. We have every right to know what someone that wants to be our President thinks and feels about our country, whom he or she associates with and whether all these things will have an adverse influence on how he or she will lead this country.

Here in America we expect our President to place their hand over their heart and recite the pledge of allegiance. We expect our President to bless America, not damn it. And we expect our President to not to act in an elitist way towards people because they choose to exercise their right to own a gun, as extended to them by the Second Amendment of our Constitution. When we find that an associate brags about terrorist attacks on this Nation we demand answers as to why that person is still considered a friend. When a candidates wife claims that she is proud of our country for the first time because her husband is running for President, why would we want that woman as our First Lady? At no time in the last 44 years has American been a country to be proud of? Sounds like a good candidate to move out of the country. We have every right to question the judgement of a candidate who remains in a church for 20 years and only after regular Americans condemn its doctrine does he claim not to know the doctrine or remember what the preacher said.

Mr. Obama if you are going to continually complain that Americans are not hearing the issues, then start answering the questions that we take issue with! Please explain why you speak out about racism and terrorism, but then turn around and associate with racists and terrorists. Explain why you won’t pledge the American flag, or why you look down on small American towns that believe differently than you. Then explain to us why you cannot deal except in generalities with the very issues that you think should be talked about and then we might listen.

Your complaining about how you are treated by the media that has had you sitting at the kiddie table so far, constantly gives you free pass after free pass just doesn’t cut it with me. If you’re whining about this now, just you wait until the fall and even more citizens are watching you and demanding answers about our character and the issues you claim you stand so strong for. If you continue to avoid these questions now, they’ll kill you later.

Speeches that mesmerize women and general statements amount to nothing when we look for a President to lead this nation. Character, love of our country, fairness for ALL Americans and associations with people who pray for God’s blessing on our country and look at our flag with respect for what it stands for and those who have given their life defending that flag and the nation it represents are what we as Americans look for in a President of the United States.

And thus far, you have shown none of these qualities or qualifications. Perhaps that’s because you don’t have these qualities and don’t understand the qualifications that Americans prefer in a Presidential candidate. That may be the elitism kicking in again.

I don’t want you to don a lapel pin, I’d rather you explain why you don’t wear one.


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