In 10 Words Or Less – 4/15/08

I’ve come to the conclusion that doing Power Rankings before the All-Star break is really quite useless. The Yankees were 21-29 after 50 games last year and ended up with the third highest win total in the majors. It’s quite difficult to compare teams when they’re playing an unbalanced schedule and it’s not yet May. Because of this and a couple of select Cardinal fans, until the All-Star game, I’ll substitute my Top 15 teams with a “10 Words Or Less” series. I’ll simply give you my thoughts on each team in no more than ten words.

Orioles (8-5): Party like it’s 1997. First place won’t last.
Red Sox (8-6): Two bloop singles raises Papi’s average 34 points
Blue Jays (7-6): If BJ Ryan returns to form, Jays serious contender.
Yankees (7-7): Questions surprisingly on offense, not pitching. Brutal April schedule.
Rays (6-7): Harder for me to like these guys when they win.

Royals (8-5): What the hell happened to Grienke and Bannister?
White Sox (7-5): Better than expected, Ozzie still needs to go.
Twins (6-7): I’m still shocked at the package they took for Johan.
Indians (5-8): Would be in first if not for Joe Borowski.
Tigers (3-10): Take that ESPN. How’s that World Series pick looking?

Athletics (9-5): Rich Harden is Carl Pavano of the West.
Angels (8-6): Francisco Rodriguez upset at Angels. Couldn’t care less.
Mariners (6-8): Bedard trade looking stupider and stupider. And stupider.
Rangers (5-8): Same ol’, same ol’.

Marlins (7-5): Hmm. Surprising.
Phillies (6-7): Got hot last year, not hot now.
Mets (5-6): Santana hitting almost as well as Reyes.
Braves (5-7): Glavine never been on DL. But hurt now.
Nationals (4-9): Lo Duca sorry, still a jerk.

Cardinals (9-4): Played the NL’s 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th best teams.
Brewers (8-4): 6,983 fans will pee their pants if Brewers make playoffs.
Cubs (7-5): Heard of pitchers hitting water coolers, but bubble gum trays?
Pirates (7-6): Ian Snell on fantasy team. Hope he continues pitching well.
Reds (6-7): Better than Astros at least.
Astros (5-8): Kaz Matsui out with anal fissures. Gross.

Diamondbacks (9-4): Best team in baseball. Period.
Padres (7-6): Greg Maddux continues to impress me with his stuff, maturity.
Giants (6-8): Zito chose 75 because it made shelf for his name.
Rockies (5-7): See Phillies.
Dodgers (5-8): Joe Torre not helping. Outfield crowded


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