Today’s Idiot: Curt Schilling

Welcome to Today’s Idiot Curt Schilling! As a perennial Idiot, you should welcome this prestigious honor.


Earlier this year, Curt Schilling was diagnosed with a shoulder injury which his doctors and the team doctors were at odds over how to fix. Schilling and his doctors wanted to undergo surgery immediately to fix the problem, while Boston wanted Schilling to simply rehab the shoulder and return after the All-Star break. Schilling’s only got a one-year deal, so his future is most definitely up in the air.

WBZTV had this on their website the other day:

Will Curt Schilling pitch for the Red Sox again? His personal doctor says probably not – and he could finish his career in New York.

Dr. Craig Morgan told ESPN Radio in Philadelphia Monday that, in his opinion, Schilling will not be back to pitch in Boston this season.

“Not only that, it’s my opinion he’s angry enough that it’s entirely conceivable even though he’s 40 years old, it’s entirely conceivable that he will have the operation, rehab, and pitch for the Yankees next year,” Morgan said.

There has been no comment from Schilling, the Red Sox, or the Yankees.

Well, Curt Schilling responded to his doctor’s claims.

Me wearing pinstripes, regardless of what point of the season or my career it would have been, is not an option,” said Schilling, I can’t … think back to having that conversation specifically … it’s not an option. Never has been an option.”

Hmm .. taken at face value, this quote seems like the Yankees are actively pursuing Schilling’s services and Schilling is rebuking them.

Oh Curt…

It take two to tango. The Yankees have no, and never had any interest in Curt Schilling. Nobody in Yankeeland ever wanted you to pitch for them in the past, nor do they want you to pitch for them in the future.

You’re a washed up ballplayer that ate his career away in its final stages, just as you were making a case to be in the HOF. Now, you’re simply “that guy” who needed weight-based incentives worked into his contract (a contract that your loyal Red Sox have repeatedly tried to void). Quit embarrassing yourself, stop thinking about the Yankees, and concentrate on getting healthy again (which probably won’t happen).



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