Today’s Idiot: Barack Obama

You knew it was coming. It had to be. This guy is so frustratingly liberal that he couldn’t avoid this series forever. So here he is making his Today’s Idiot debut.


If you have a TV, radio, newspaper or any other type of news media, you’ll know that Barack Obama has been taking some heat lately for not being patriotic enough, and for good reason. So he’s taken to peppering speeches with explicit statements on his love of country.

I stand by my claim that Barack Obama is nothing more than a charismatic campaign speech. I haven’t seen much substance from his campaign or from the candidate himself. Obama can talk about how much he loves the country, but patriotism isn’t something you claim. It’s something you show.


Start with the truth. Hillary’s the chronic liar for the Democratic Party Mr. Obama, and she tells enough whoppers for the both of you. You don’t need to join in too. What’s that? Fine, fine. You can lie through your teeth too.

Obama claims that he’s the only one who doesn’t take contributions from Washington lobbyists.

But I’m not stupid Barack, even I know that not all lobbyists are in Washington. Now your supporters probably don’t realize that there are state-based lobbyists which you do take money from, like say, Tom Daschle.

But as long as he’s talking about “racism” the liberal news media doesn’t care about their poster-boy’s untruthful antics. Remember that whole “racism” speech he gave? Highly overvalued. For a man that claims a lineage of all colors and multiple continents that speech was sadly black and white. If I knew nothing of American history, I’d think that only African-Americans suffered from prejudice in America. No mention of the Chinese workers imported to California during the railroad constructions or even the Native American sufferings.

While Obama’s speech applauded by many, I see as misleading and self-serving. A ploy to appeal and get sympathy from super-delegates and maintain the ones he has. It certainly does not even come close to any of the great speeches of MLK. Don’t insult the late Reverend.

If you’re going to have a speech on racism it has to be inclusive of all races, minorities and women that have suffered.


Barack Obama has attracted all the “give-me” voters in America, the ones worried about what the country can do to make their life more convenient rather than what they can do to make this country better.


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  1. “Barack Obama is nothing more than a charismatic campaign speech”

    I think that’s perfect. That’s him in a sentence. Blah blah blah HOPE. Blah blah blah CHANGE. Blah blah blah I’M NOT MUSLIM.

  2. You have to hand it to him that he’s an effective deceiver. People actually believe that he’s capable of becoming the POTUS. Haha.

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