Holy Crap Albert Pujols

ST. LOUIS – Following the postponement of Monday’s Opening Day washout between the Cardinals and the Rockies, the Cardinals announced that first baseman Albert Pujols would undergo season-ending reconstructive elbow surgery.

In addition to the now all-too-common Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, the Cardinals slugger will also undergo surgery to correct bone spurs, inflammation and arthritis in the joint.

“Playing through pain is something that I pride myself on,” Pujols told the St. Louis Dispatch, “and I could have continued to play, but the doctors decided that the best course right now was to fix everything up and focus on my future.”

The Cardinals are not expecting to contend very seriously this year, relying on some previously injured pitchers and a rather inexperienced outfield.

“There isn’t anyone on this team that can replace a player like [Pujols],” manager Tony La Russa said, “but there won’t be any quit in this team. We’ll play hard every night and we still expect to win some ballgames.” 

Pujols will undergo the surgery early next week, St. Louis officials confirmed late Monday night. The expected recovery time for a procedure of this nature is usually a year to eighteen months.

“I plan to return as soon as possible,” Pujols said, “this isn’t something I ever expected would happen.”After a wait of 1 hour, 39 minutes, Monday night’s game was called and the opener was rescheduled for Tuesday night. Pujols had hit a home run in the game that saw Jeff Francis and the reigning NL Champs fall behind 5-1 before the rains came. Oh yeah, April’s Fools.



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  1. Grr…not funny.

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