Today’s Idiot: Unidentified Cake-maker

So, imagine you’re a low-intelligence Walmart employee and your job is to decorate cakes with whatever words or phrases Walmart patrons want on their cake. Birthdays, graduations, weddings and every other occasion you would ever need a cake for. So today’s idiot is whoever did this cake:


The lettering on that cake says:

Best Wishes Suzanne
Under Neat that
We Will Miss You

Okay. At first I didn’t get it. You may not have either. Just think about it for a little while. I’ll wait.

Still don’t quite understand it? I’ll explain. Let’s go back to imagining we’re a low-IQ Walmart bakery employee. A customer calls in with a cake request and you answer the phone.

“Hi this is (blank), what would you like your cake to say?”

And the customer tells you:

“‘Best Wishes Suzanne.’ Underneath that, ‘we will miss you.’”

“Alright,” you reply, “we can totally do that.” So you take your icing-squirter thing and do the cake.

‘Best Wishes Suzanne. Under Neat that, We Will Miss You.’


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