What Nate’s Reading Now – Feb. 20

I peruse the the news every morning to see what’s happening in our world and thought that for those of you who don’t, I could share with you what I’m reading. What’s Nate’s Reading Now will be reserved mostly just for things I find interesting. Nothing earth-shattering or controversial, just short, fun little things I find on my daily excursions over the World Wide Web.

I love Gary Hubbel. He’s a columnist for the Aspen Times Weekly and is a certified journalistic and satirical genius.He writes about a group being ignored in the 2008 Presidential race. While every candidate is pandering over special-interest groups, one is being ignored and overlooked.

Here’s a nice, upstanding Mexican man. He’s a hard-working 22-year old that was arrested the other day for human trafficking. Unfortunately for him, he’s been arrested and deported 14 times previously. Hmm…perhaps 1, 2, 15 strikes and you’re out?

This mand found a surefire way to deter his smoker girlfriend. How, you ask? Well, when his girlfriend lit up in his apartment he simply grabbed his fire extinguisher and emptied it in her face. I’m going to start carrying a fire extinguisher around with me and utilize this practice on the many smokers here. The man managed to put out the cigarette.

Bet you know a lot about the Presidents. Here’s a few things you may not have known. Bet you don’t know which President had an annoying habit of ringing the White House doorbell and then running off to hide. (No, it’s not Dubya…)



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