What is Barack Obama?

I’ve been talking on and off again with people about Barack Obama lately. As a Republican primary voter, I’m not paying a whole lot of attention to the Democratic candidates or thoroughly researching their policies and plans. I only know surface information on both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, more so Hillary. This note isn’t intended to berate either of the candidates, it’s simply a fact finding mission.

I read the other day that there have been several faintings at Barak Obama appearances over the past few weeks. I assume it’s the same thing that happened with the Beatles or Elvis. Women get so overcome with emotion upon seeing their idol that the excitement just gets the best of them and they faint. But I don’t get it, apart from being an energetic and charismatic public speaker, I can’t seem to see anything of substance that Barack Obama stands for.

  • What does Obama stand for? And don’t say “hope and change.” Those are non-answers. They don’t count. They’re vague ideas that wan’t actually do anything
  • Can you tell me two specific policy initiatives Obama has proposed? See if you can get past national health care and higher taxes on the evil rich, that’s nothing new from Democrats.
  • Name 3 Obama accomplishments – and being elected Senator doesn’t count .. there are 99 others in office right now who pulled that one off.

So tell me, my democratic and liberal friends, what exactly is Barack Obama? At this point he’s not much more than a campaign speech.



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