Torgos Basketball


This semester I have ventured into the world of intramural basketball. My roommate and I joined our friends to form an 8-man team, The Torgos. Now, I won’t claim to be a great basketball player, I won’t even claim to be good. Actually, I’m pretty bad. But I like playing. So I figured if I joined a team I’d see a few trash minutes to run around and guard someone. On a team of eight, I’m probably the sixth or seventh best player. We play two 20-minute halves in a game with a continuous clock.

The Torgos focus mainly on their defense and we sacrifice a little offense in the process. We certainly aren’t going to be putting up 50 points a game, but we’re going to make every team we play work for their points. We play a 2-3 zone defense that forces a team to settle for tough outside shots.

We opened tonight’s game against the Griffins strong and built an 18-8 halftime lead. I played three minutes in the first half missing my only shot, grabbing one rebound and dishing out one assist. We struggled in the second half, allowing the Griffins to pull within one point, 25-24 late in the game. After we inbounded the ball, they fouled us and Carl sank both free throws with 19 seconds left. We prevented a shot until they were forced to heave up a desperate 3-point attempt which wasn’t close and we won 27-24.

My final line was 6 minutes, 2 points, 3 rebounds, one assist and zero turnovers.


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