Today’s Idiot: Veronica McNeil

Today’s Idiot is a married woman with two children. She was recently fired from her job.

Mrs. McNeil, citing the rising gas and home heating oil prices, told CNN that money was getting tight for her family. While her husband managed to keep his job, the family was still struggling to keep their home heated during the cold Chicago months.

Awww, how sad, right? No, not really. Mrs. McNeil just purchased a flat-screen television with which to view the Super Bowl this Sunday. These are the examples that make me have to pity for the poor. When you complain about not being able to heat your home or afford healthcare, yet you make unnecessary and expensive purchases like cell phones, flat-screen televisions, car payments on fancy cars, vacations and lottery tickets.

Just because personal responsibility and wise financial decisions are lost to these people, doesn’t give them the right to complain.


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