Just A Quick Thought

Alright. Sometimes Nate just decides he’s bored and pages through old US Supreme Court cases. No reason other than things like this interest me. I found one this morning that got me to thinking.

In the case of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Robert P. Casey, the Supreme Court ruled that if a woman having a baby decides to have an abortion, she is freed from any legal obligation to tell the father about it. However, if the woman decides to keep the baby to collect child support, she can by all means go out and try and get it.

I won’t discuss my opinion on abortion and how despicable it is, but how is this fair? I understand that men don’t get pregnant, but part of that unborn child is his, he helped create it. The fact that the father has no legal say in what happens to his own unborn child is deplorable. But if the woman wants him to pay for the entire rearing of the child, even if she won’t let him see the kid, is fine by the Supreme Court.

They claim that telling the father (“spousal notification”) places an undue burden on a woman’s rights and liberties. Excuse me, but what about the man’s rights and liberties. The woman doesn’t have a baby without the man (and vice versa, of course). I know that there are a ton of “dead-beat” dads in America that leave women completely alone with the child, but there are upstanding men out there that want to be fathers as well.

To allow a woman to make a decision as big as killing a child without even informing or consulting the father of the child infuriates me. But perhaps I’m just a stupid conservative.


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