America’s Stupid Sense of Entitlement

Here in America, we believe that this is a country of opportunity. The opportunity to escape persecution, the opportunity to live as we want and the opportunity to make something of ourselves.

But many people confuse these opportunities as things that someone else will provide for them. People expect the government to give them money to provide for their children, healthcare for themselves and their families, or money after they stop working. But this isn’t the way that this country needs to operate. And why should it?

Why should anyone be required to provide for other people? I understand and completely support charities, but these sorts of programs and organizations should be completely voluntary.

You’ll hear Democrats and other liberal figures tell you all about the “evil” rich. That these people didn’t really earn their money, but rather stumbled into by good fortune. And while this philosophy pertains to certain cases, it’s certainly more probable that these rich people made their money honestly, by working hard and making smart decisions. These people are excellent for America and its’ society, both social and economical. By no means should they be taxed at a higher rate than the people that earn less than they do, at least, not for the reason of supporting the lesser-earners.

I can find no sensical reason for the government to pay welfare to families to support and maintain children that they can’t afford, yet the government continually refuses to support and maintain a private jet for me. The Deomcrat’s solution to families that have kids they can’t afford is to pay them so they can afford to moderately support them. I have a better idea. Don’t have the kids. Not getting pregnant is as easy as not having sex. I understand you’re poor and therefore have nothing else to do except have lots and lots of sex, but it’s irresponsible. America is slowly but surely turning personal responsibility and achievement out of our society. Successful members of our country are viewed as “lucky” or “underhanded” and unsuccessful members are simply viewed as victims of unfortunate circumstances. There are too few people willing to call these people what they really are: lazy and a drain on society.

These people have this unfounded sense of entitlement. They feel that they should be given free healthcare. Why? Because they a) don’t have a job that provides it and refuse to try and get one or b) can’t afford it. You’ll hear Democrats from Harry Reid to Ted Kennedy tell you about the ever-growing number of people in this country that don’t have a healthcare plan. What they fail to mention is that the fastest growing demographic without a healthcare plan is those that have worked hard enough and made enough money to in effect “self-insure” themselves. You won’t hear that out of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

You are not entitled to anything of mine hear in America. The only people that are entitled to what I have is my wife (or, if you’re female, your husband). I have worked hard for what I have and while I don’t mind paying taxes to support the ensured safety of this country, or other domestic projects that better the quality of my life (sales taxes) I do take offense to having to provide for those who refuse to provide for themselves. While I may choose to provide relief for the “have-nots” I, and millions of other Americans should not be required by law to do so. By taxing high-income earners at a higher rate, you are effectively punishing personal achievement. But I forgot, to liberals, that’s a bad thing that apparently should be discouraged.


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