Today’s Idiot: Randi Kaye (and Jehmu Greene)

Randi (which is a misspelling of the name Randy) Kaye wrote an article today entitled “Gender or race: Black women voters face tough choices in S.C.”


This is outrageous. Her article insinuates that black women in South Carolina should either vote for Obama because he’s black or Hillary because she’s female. Voting for someone because they’re best qualified apparently isn’t taken into a voter’s consideration to Randi.

Jehmu (I’m not sure what that one’s a misspelling of) Greene, a black woman they found in a salon said that in the black community she lives in “race trumps gender”. She also goes on to say that “black women are politically savvy.” My ass. Just take a look at yesterday’s idiot. Using demographics, black women would be very low on my list of groups that are “politically savvy.”

The article also discusses the “Oprah Factor.” Jehmu gives some long-winded explanation about this factor which basically boils down to “Oprah supports Obama, and we do everything Oprah tells us to.” Good voting strategy, it’s the same one that is utilized in middle schools and high schools across America. It’s good to see that these women are at least capable of following a middle school level practice.

I will admit, that I like Obama much better than I like Hillary. While Hillary wallows in attracting the uneducated Democratic masses with her promises of taking money from the evil rich people and giving it to these uneducated poor people, Obama is attracting support from the educated liberal academia folk.

Did you know that every Princeton faculty member that has donated money to a political campaign has donated to a Democrat? Not one has given money to a Republican candidate. And since these professors are educated, their candidate of support was Barack Obama. Overwhelmingly. Clinton was way behind, along with Richardson, Edwards and Dodd.

This election is probably going to see a higher turnout of voters than we’re used to. The only challenge should be, “should I vote for this candidate’s platform or this other candidate’s platform.” Not should I vote for the black guy or the woman. These people are going to kill the election. Black women that think a “hanging chad” is a well-endowed man named Chad are going to be voting for the first time in a long time, if not ever.

Voter Qualification Exam. Institute one, America.


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