Today’s Idiot: The Doss Family

I was watching Family Feud today for lack of anything else to do and for those of you not familiar with the game, I’ll explain. 100 people are asked a question and contestants must guess the top answers.

Two families compete against each other and one of the families today was the family. The Doss family consisted of five black women. And they got this question.

Name the Presidential candidate that is most presidential.

Now there were seven answers that needed to be filled. In Family Fued if you miss three times, then the question passes to the other family. The Doss family proceeded to offer these answers.

Hillary Clinton (1)
Barack Obama (2)
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Ronald Reagan

Needless to say, the question passed to the other family that stole the points when they said Mitt Romney. The Doss family really struggled to come up with names. I’m fairly certain that the entire family seriously thought Washington, Jefferson and Reagan were Presidential candidates. But come November, they’ll all be able to vote and will vote for either Hillary Clinton (because she’s a woman) or Barack Obama (because he’s “black”).

Five members from one family could only come up with 2 Presidential candidates. My family could probably come up with over a dozen. Why? Because we care more about the welfare of this country than who’s going to give us the most stuff from the rich.

There needs to be some sort of voter qualification test. We can’t expect our country to improve if we allow people to vote that think George Washington is running for President.

Even more disturbing is that 38 out of 100 people thought Hillary Clinton was the “most Presidential” candidate. She’s probably the least Presidential of all the candidates.

At least the Doss Family will have the option of writing George Washington in on the ballot.


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  1. i’m glad you posted this. i saw the same thing and was amazed at how stupid they were. it couldn’t have been any funnier if it was scripted.

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