Drivers In Between GA & MO

I made a 12-hour drive from Atlanta to Missouri today. And for fun, by the time I hit 75 N, I decided to count the number of times I silently cursed at a driver and make a tally.

By the time I exited I-70, exit 126 I had tallied 114 different vehicles, some of them multiple times. Here’s how they broke down:

-67 women
-38 men
-9 unidentified (windows tinted, exited highway, etc.)
-About 40 or so weren’t white (Asian, Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, etc.)
-About 20 on the phone
-About 20 older drivers
-8 cars had Greek letters on them.
-10 or 12 had liberal bumper stickers
-1 had a conservative emblem on the back

Which pretty much solidify my assumptions on stupid drivers. I wish I could have collected more information like car model, where they were from and such, but those are harder to record while driving.


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