Today’s Idiot: Cynthia Tucker

Allow me to introduce you guys to Cynthia Tucker. Ms. Tucker is black, a woman and a journalist – the editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s editorial page to be precise. Now, using the facts that we have about Ms. Tucker we can make an educated guess that she is liberal. By reading her opinion article on voter ID requirements we confirm that she is indeed a liberal. And the stupid, bleeding heart type.

States are beginning to move towards adopting policy that all voters must present a valid, government-issued ID. I don’t have a problem with this and neither should any legal US citizen. But Ms. Tucker does. She complains that a Mary-Jo Criswell had her vote nullified because she failed to show a valid ID. Tucker goes on to say

“Citizens like Criswell are Americans, too, and they have every right to vote, just like it says in the Bill of Rights.”

Assuming that Criswell is in fact an American citizen, then Tucker is 1-for-3 in her statement. Criswell is an American, but she does not have “every right to vote” and it certainly doesn’t say that in the Bill of Rights. Not America’s Bill of Rights, anyways. Sometimes I wonder if these left-leaning journalists know that what they’re saying is a complete and utter untruth or if they’re actually just dumb enough to believe the crap they make up.

Addressing her claims, there is no Constitutional right to vote in a federal election. There is no Constitutional right to vote for the President of the United States. It isn’t in the Bill of Rights. Makes me wonder if she actually knows what the Bill of Rights is, or if she’s simply another democratic drone distorting information she heard, but can’t fully remember, from another bleeding heart.

Remember Bush vs. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board? It’s a Supreme Court case from 2000 that ruled that there is no right to vote in a Presidential election. Or Alexander vs. Mineta, another 2000 Supreme Court case that ruled that the US Constitution “does not protect the right of all citizens to vote, but rather the right of all qualified citizens to vote.” And it’s the state’s job to determine which citizens are qualified to vote.

HJR 28. Sound familiar? Probably not. It was a proposed amendment by US representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. in 2005 entitled “A Proposed Amendment to Establish a Constitutional Right to Vote in America.” Hmm…I bet you’re wondering why we would need this amendment, Ms. Tucker, since the right to vote is suposedly already in the Bill of Rights.

Michael Dorf, the Vice Dean and Professor of Law at Columbia University (possibly the most liberal university in our nation) wrote an article entitled ”We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote in Presidential Elections.” Which would probably strike Ms. Tucker as odd considering that that right is supposedly already in our Constitution.

Ms. Tucker argues that requiring voter identification is an attempt to eliminate votes for Democratic candidates, because people that don’t have proper identification vote overwhelmingly Democrat. But that’s not the case. Any citizen can get a driver’s license for identification purposes only. You simply fill out some forms, pay a minimal fee (maybe $15) and bam! Identification.

I personally love that there is no Constitutional right to vote. There are millions of eligible voters in this country that fall under the “dumb masses” category. We don’t need those people deciding who runs our country. We need voters who understand that voting is a privilege and a duty not to be taken lightly. Too many idiots vote simply to get their hands in someone else’s pocket. They vote to help better them and their pathetic existence, not to help the betterment of the country.


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