Today’s Idiot: An Anonymous Lady from Louisiana

This one’s stemming from Hurricane Katrina. First, let me start by saying suing the government because of a natural disaster is ridiculous and insane. Hmm…I didn’t want to pay more taxes to secure the dykes the government provided me. I also ignored evacuation notices, figuring a could withstand a little rain. Oops! Now my house is flooded and I think I’ll sue the government!

Note: nobody sued their governments in 2004 when a tsunami wiped out 225,000 people over in Asia, yet US claims were over 3,000 trillion for 1,600 deaths.

Now back to this anonymous Louisiana lady. US Army Corps of Engineers just received a claim for $3 quadrillion dollars. For those of you that struggle with prefixes, that $1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars, or, one-thousand million million. $1 quadrillion would dwarf the US gross domestic product, ($US13.2 trillion in 2007), and a stack of one quadrillion coins of any currency would reach Saturn.

This woman is from Baker, LA which is pretty well removed from Katrina’s epicenter but according to the article, she lives in a trailer park which has house evacuees since the storm.

Yes lady, the government sent this storm to interrupt your fulfilling and successful life in that trailer park. Now they want to make sure that you’re compensated with a quadrillion dollars. The total lawsuits before your idiocy were 3,000 trillion. You surpassed that all by your lonesome. Might I suggest another alternative to the lawsuit: personal responsibility and advantageous decision-making.

Oh, and Al Sharpton? Shut up, it was a joke. I can’t put into words how much I hate this man, but it’s probably a quadrillion times more than this Louisiana lady.


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