Let’s Talk About Guns

It’s upsetting that it takes these shootings to make me talk about guns, but it’s a sad truth. As many of you probably saw, a deranged 19-year old loser killed eight innocent people at a mall in Omaha, Nebraska.

Afterward this event (and other similar occurrences in the past) I was talking with a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) about the fact that these shootings could have possibly been avoided or curbed if citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons. No, this person said, that would just lead to more shootings, and anyways, this guy had an assault rifle and your little person would have had a handgun. Advantage, assault rifle. But that’s not always the case.

Consider the fact that these shooters are often times rather untrained with their guns and are simply shooting just to shoot people. Someone with a concealed handgun (and license) would be a responsible, sane person that is trained to handle a gun. Take a look at this incident. Some moron went into the New Life Church in Colorado Springs and shot two people, with obvious intent to kill more, until he encountered Jeanne Assam. She had heard the shooting and ran where it had come from. She saw Murray with the rifle and immediately she shot him dead with her handgun. Where was that advantage again? One shot from the handgun took out the assault-rifle wielding incompetent.

This person also tried to convince me that the crossfire would endanger more people that just one crazed gunman. Yeah, because that would be my first thought if I was in a place that a gunman was shooting up … ‘Thank God no one else here has a gun to stop this guy.”

I’m not advocating that we put guns in the hands of every American, because that would be clearly stupid. But making it harder for people to obtain guns, and then allowing those responsible and qualified people carry them around concealed would probably make our country a little safer from mentally deranged idiots that think they’ve been wronged.


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