Today’s Idiot: CAIR

Many of you may not know what CAIR is. And that’s fine. It’s another one of those pointless organizations like ACLU or PETA. CAIR stands for Council on American-Islamic Relations. It’s main focus is to “enhance understanding of Islam, promote justice and empower American Muslims.” They’re basically Islamic Al Sharptons with Al Qaeda ties.

What CAIR does best is complain about how negatively Muslims are treated and portrayed in America. They blow smoke to America about the exorbitant amount of hate crimes made towards Muslims to make themselves feel important.

Let me talk for a moment about “hate” crimes. The only difference between a hate crime and a crime is the assailants’ process of thought. It’s gotta be directed at a group or ethnicity. To me, a crime is a crime. Criminals generally don’t commit crimes against people that they like. Apparently it’s impossible for a white male to hate another white male.

Back to CAIR. Read this article on hate crimes. CAIR would have us to believe that hate crimes against Muslims in America are higher than any other race or ethnicity, and they have repeatedly taken this stand. However, CAIR officials apparently can’t read English statistics.

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In 2006, 66% of religiously motivated attacks were on Jews. Just 11% targeted Muslims. But keep in mind that the Muslim population and Jewish population pretty much the same size. Last year there were 156 anti-Islamic crimes, which is nearly a 70% drop from 2001. There were nearly as many “hate” crimes against Christians in America than there were against Muslims.

But these number are skewed even further. CAIR includes the following crimes as “hate” crimes against their people:
-A Quran being found in a toilet
-Flowers at a mosque disturbed
Naming a teddy bear “Mohammed

Should Hispanics naming their children Jesus be offensive to me? It isn’t, because I’m not an idiot.

So while CAIR claims that prejudice against Muslims has multiplied because of the war on terror … remember what CAIR considers “hate.”

Wait .. we already know. “Hate,” to CAIR, “hate” is a United States not operating under Islamic Law.


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