Today’s Idiot: The City of Denver, Colorado

Ahh … diversity. It’s a problem that has plagued America for a while now. Denver is forcing all of its employees to watch a diversity training video. That alone should be enough to make people mad. But some in Denver are saying that it does what we typically see these “diversity” workshops do … portray white people as inherently racist simply because they are white.

Diversity education can take on one of two forms. One is anti-individualism. The left is waging a full-scale war against individualism. Individual rights are bad. Collective rights are good. Individual achievement is bad. Collective achievement is good. When diversity is the issue you are categorizing and judging people not by their individuality, but by their group identity.

The other form of diversity education is the selling of the idea that white guys are bad, everybody else is good. That would seem to be the case in the Denver case.

The employees in Denver are now being required to watch a movie and I’ve found some of it on the Internet, here. Now, the movie is entitled “Laughing Matters – Think About It” but a more appropriate title would be “White Men Are All Horrible Racists and Bad People.”

It’s not racist to portray white men in a negative light, but to portray any other race or gender in a negative way is. All minorities, remember, are worthy of praise. White men aren’t.

The city is taking a typical approach to fixing the stupidity of making this video mandatory … Wait ’til next year!!! Who does Denver think they are, the Chicago Cubs?

Diversity is really a double-standard. I’m forced to watch videos that supposedly promote perfect equality and fairness, yet while doing so completely trash an entire race.

The main character in the movie is a white guy named Billy. He makes all these racist comments towards people and then the negative effects from his comments are outlined. At the end of the video, someone says “Remember, Billy could be anyone.”

Then why not depict Billy as a Hispanic man, a black woman or a muslim child?

This video is a bunch of bull concocted by some female “Diversity Manager” (and what kind of job is that, anyways?) that serves the solitary purpose as further enhancing stereotypes that white men are horrible, racist pigs. Believe me, there are plenty of white males that fit that description, but there are plenty of offensive minorities in this country as well.

“I can insult you, but you can’t touch me because I’m not white, haha!” The war cry for minorities in America!


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