Today’s Idiot: Terrance Moore

After a week off from Mr. Ballance’s intriguing, and often offensive commentary, it’s back. We’ll start back up with Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist, Terrance Moore.

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Terrance Moore has a pathetic column on racial discrepancies in major league baseball. I don’t think I can remember an article Moore has written that hasn’t whined about how poorly blacks are treated in sports worldwide. Moore spends this entire column complaining that the number of black basebal players has severely decreased since the number peaked in the 1970s.

Terrance Moore doesn’t actually say this, but he implies that Major League Baseball should be responsible for taking steps to bring more black players back into baseball.

You, Mr. Moore are an idiot. Baseball doesn’t have some absurd racial quota that it needs to fill. Sports have generally been the eternal equalizer. The best man plays. Remember that black coach from TC Williams (in Remember the Titans)? Probably not, but I’ll quote him for you.

“The best player will play. Black of white.”

Nobody has a racial advantage in sports. If you’re better than the other players then you’ll play. Simple as that.

I’d pay more attention to Moore if he wasn’t a filthy hypocrite. While his “woe-is-blacks” columns range from this baseball one to racial discrimination against blacks in British cricket leagues, he has never written a column about the lack of white players on an NBA court or in the defensive backfield of an NFL game.

Or even the fact that even though the world largest racial population (Asian) is even more poorly represented in Major League Baseball than blacks. But Asian people aren’t as important or as highly discriminated against as blacks I guess.

Newspapers have that racial quota that Moore wants Major League Baseball to implement, but sports do not need and should not have such a policy. It’s immature, stupid and unfair. By requiring baseball to include more black players it will unavoidably push out better players of other races. But as long as it’s not blacks being discriminated against, Mr. Moore is fat and happy.


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