Today’s Idiot: Hannah Montana Fans (and their moms)

The Hannah Montana concert ticket has been a very hot item this year. So hot in fact, that people are suing each other over them.

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Here’s the scoop. So many people like Hannah Montana (for some reason unbeknown to me) and are willing to shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars to send their spoiled little 8-year old girls to go to her concert.

Apparently, there are Miley Cyrus (who is the same person as Hannah Montana) fan clubs online. These clubs cost their members around $30 a year to be apart of an benefits include

  • Special newsletters available to members
  • Makes early-release CDs available
  • Allows members who log on shortly after tickets become available will have an opportunity to get them.

The upcoming lawsuit was filed on behalf of a New Jersey woman who joined the Miley Cyrus Fan Club based on its promise that joining would make it easier to get concert tickets from the teen star’s Web site.

I’m sorry, PROMISE? The largest stadium in America that I know of is Michigan Stadium, where the University of Michigan plays it’s home football games, and its largest crowd ever was 112,118 people. And that was more than capacity. Over 20 million people are members of the Hannah Montana fan club. There’s no was that all 20 million members and their mommies will be able to get concert tickets and it’s asinine to think otherwise.

So the premise of this lawsuit is that a New Jersey soccer mom with a demanding and whining 9-year old girl didn’t get a ticket to a Hannah Montana concert. There’s always a scalper selling a ticket and if you’re passionate enough to file a lawsuit, then you’re passionate enough to spend an exorbitant amount of money to buy their darling child a ticket. And then there’s the commitment issue. Some people got tickets because they took off work and camped out waiting for tickets to go on sale. I think that insanely stupid, but also admirable in a twisted way.

Why is it that in this country, it’s always someone else’s fault when something doesn’t go as these people imagine it in their little minds. The website and fan club did not, in any way guarantee that its members would get a ticket to a concert. So there’s really no case here. Except the New Jersey woman, who’s a nutcase.


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