Hillary Clinton’s been in the news a lot lately, and it hasn’t been for what she would have hoped it would be. Her healthcare plan from 1993 is causing a big stink and her campaign is planting questions during public appearances. I really want to touch on both of these, but I may run out of time.

First, the healthcare thing. You probably know that Mrs. Clinton proposed a governmental healthcare system in 1993. So you’d think that the proposal would be completely available for people to peruse before making a decision on it. The federal agents assigned to handling the proposal (and cronies of Hillary, nonetheless) are slow in releasing the information. Bill Clinton even sent them a letter in 2002, giving them permission to open up material. But not everything…not any material that contains “negative” or “derogatory” information. Any information centered on “sensitive policy, personal or political matters.” Or information involving communications directly between Bill and Hillary. So we don’t get everything.

Topics like “Positioning ourselves on healthcare” and “General targeting strategy.” Both not available.

The bottom line is that both Bill and Hillary will do everything in their power to keep the public unaware of her failed attempt at national healthcare from 1993. I still haven’t been convinced that a national healthcare system would benefit the country, and this certainly doesn’t help.

The one thing that we do know for certain about the 1993 attempt is that if a citizen wanted to take his or her own money and find a private doctor and pay for their own healthcare…it would have been a crime and they would have gone to jail. A great definition of “freedom” from Hillary Clinton.


Secondly, planting questions in public appearances. It’s not technically illegal, but it’s low and underhanded. It’s like rigging a game or stealing a test beforehand. The only difference is that the second two are illegal.

Clinton says she knows nothing about the planted questions, and while it’s perfectly clear that Hillary that there are a lot of issues that Hillary Clinton knows nothing about (illegal immigration, healthcare and Social Security being among the ever-growing list) I’d be more inclined to believe this isn’t one of those issues.

This comes at a convenient time when the negative press started to really crop up about her. Rehearsed answers would show a solid front and make her seem like she knew what she was doing.

Hillary Clinton would be absolutely atrocious for this country. I’ve started hoping for a huge snowstorm on Election Day that would keep many of the single Clinton women out of the polls. I generally assume for the better when it comes to American people, but when a high school accumulates 150 female signatures to “End Women’s Suffrage” I really start to wonder.


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