You Think You Want Government Healthcare?

Edmund Crane is a British citizen who’s healthcare is covered under the British National Health Service. After putting up with pain in his hip for years, Crane had private x-rays taken which showed he had almost no hip joint. The British National Health Service kept cancelling his medical consultations. Eventually, Mr. Crane had enough of the pain and cashed his life savings and paid $18,000 for the surgery from a private doctor.

This is your future in for the U.S. if Hillary gets her way with national healthcare. But remember, under Hillary’s first healthcare plan, Ed Crane would have been thrown in jail if he had pulled that little stunt in this country. You’re asking for it people. You want someone else to be responsible for your healthcare…anyone but you. Again, you want healthcare, pay for it yourself. What if I want a 60 foot yacht? Will the government buy that for me?


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