Today’s Idiot: Zaid Jilani

This will be the beginning of an ongoing series. I’m decent at predicting the future, so I can say with a good amount of certainty that Hillary Clinton will appear here with regularity. UGA students will probably frequent this forum as well.

Today’s culprit is a sophomore from the “esteemed” University of Georgia majoring in International Studies.

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Inaugural Idiot, Zaid Jilani
Sketchy major nonwithstanding, UGA let him write for the student paper for some reason. Apparently there’s no screening process for aspiring journalists there. Anyone that can write (or repeat what he’s heard from other ignorant liberals) is welcome.

Jilani’s Opinion Article in the “Red and Black” student newspaper.

He begins his article by saying that he noticed that his University Union had invited a conservative talk radio host, Neal Boortz to speak at his University. Then he continues with the following line: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge defender of free speech…” and then he proceeds to list reasons why the aforementioned talk show host should NOT be allowed to speak. So he’s a huge defender of free speech, as long as that speech is something he agrees with. Typical foreign liberal.

He goes on to incorrectly claim that Boortz “doesn’t have to actually research what he says, or make logical arguments, or maintain academic decorum.” Ooooh…someone discovered his laptop had a thesaurus feature. Since most of what he said about Boortz was wrong, I guess Mr. Jilani doesn’t actually have to research what he writes.

He calls Boortz’s favorite targets “defenseless” targets. Such as “mothers on welfare, the homeless, Muslims and immigrants.” Convince me that Muslims are defenseless. Convince me they don’t strap bombs to themselves and blow things up in the name of religion. Convince me they don’t advocate beating their wives. By “defenseless” I must assume that Zaid means “not intelligent enough to make a cognitive argument against Neal Boortz.”

After a veiled death threat, (I thought Muslim death threats were rarely veiled?) he calls himself an “over-educated, socialist liberal.” The last part I agree with. The over-educated part however, makes me laugh. Grow up kid, and realize that you have no Constitutional right not to be offended. Mr. Boortz in fact does have the right to say what he likes.


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