My CFB Top 9

New week, new top 9? That’s right, 9 teams. Last week, I questioned the credibility of Arizona State and Boston College. I pointed out the fact that neither team had an overly impressive win. I entertained the two in my top 10 since they were undefeated, but wanted to see how each performed this week against tough opponents. Both lost, and when I ran out of teams I would rank ahead of them, I had nine teams. Since I won’t acknowledge either of them, I am forced to publish a Top 9 instead of the more traditional Top 10. So here they are.

1. LSU Tigers
Went into Bryant Denney Stadium and came out with another tough win. LSU has played six teams ranked #17 or better this year. Out of nine games! You want schedule strength? Look no further than Baton Rouge, LA.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes
10-0 now after finishing off Wisconsin late. Beanie Wells runs like a beast and the defense is still punishing. Still the class of the Big 10 and only an up-and-coming Illinois team and Michigan stand between the Buckeyes and their second straight national championship game.

3. Oregon Ducks
One of my new favorite teams. The combination of Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart are almost unstoppable. And they proved me right about the Sun Devils of ASU. They opened up the game with perfect back to back touchdown drives and never looked back. USC’s time is over in the Pac-10 for now.

4. Oklahoma Sooners
No more Boston College. A week after surviving a determined Iowa State team, the Sooners laid a beating on Texas A&M. Bradford looked good again and the Sooners seem to be cruising to a date in the Big 12 championship game.

5. kansas jayhawks
I still think the kansas quarter should be worth less than a real quarter, but 76 points against any team is sick. I know Nebraska’s down, but seriously? 76 points? And people say New England runs up the score. But they still fall under the same label ASU and BC did. kansas took advantage of a schedule with one ranked team (#24). Arrowhead awaits you, filthy jayhawks.

6. Missouri Tigers
kansas won 19-14 in boulder. Missouri won 55-10. Just sayin’. Colorado focused too much on shutting down Martin Rucker that they forgot Chase Coffman’s really good too. Daniel picked apart a really good defense by spreading the wealth. Missouri won their opening November game for the first time under Gary Pinkel.

7. West Virginia Mountaineers
I won’t fault them for not playing, but they’re going to need to win some games big too impress me any further. The Big East just isn’t a powerhouse football conference.

8. Georgia Bulldogs
Here pretty much by default. Slipped by Troy after an emotional win against the Gators. Knowshon Moreno looks like a game-changing back, but outside that there’s really not anything that stands out.

9. Michigan Wolverines
Welcome back Wolverines. And eight-game winning streak has put UM in control of it’s own Big 10 (11) destiny. After the Appalachain State debacle, who woulda thought?

Just Missed: BC Eagles, ASU Sun Devils, Hawaii

One last special shout out. Notre Dame. You’re absolutely awful this year. One of college football’s rules is that Notre Dame beats Navy. You broke this rule today. Which might have been acceptable had Navy been the national championship powerhouse they once were. But they’re not. They’re a “lose to a Div. II school by allowing 59 points” Navy team


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