Global Warming

Al Gore and scientists have been preaching global warming for quite a few years now. The same scientists, in fact that twenty or thirty years ago were telling the world that another Ice Age was imminent. So we know that their credibility isn’t any good, but let’s play along anyways.

The new secretary general of the UN told nearly a hundred heads of state that global warming is threatening the goals of eliminating poverty and world hunger. So now these poorer nations, which will come under even greater financial squeeze come Global Warming, are insisting that the rich countries, specifically the United States provide “humanitarian assistance across the globe.” So instead of saving money to help, should a natural disaster occur, they’d like the money now, in order to save poor nations from the perils of climate change.

Any measurable warming of the earth stopped about ten years ago or so. And even then we’re only talking about one degree over the last century. Gore has his Peace Prize … so enough already. It’s time to get off this global warming stuff and use some real science. Who are these so-called scientists anyways? Can anyone out there tell me what the ideal temperature for the earth would be?

How about this: The earth heats up. As the earth heats up more water evaporates from the surfaces of the earth’s lakes and oceans. The atmosphere thus becomes even more saturated with water and rainfall increases. As rainfall increases the arid portions of the earth that were not suitable for farming suddenly become rich with crops. Not only that, but areas that were once frozen throughout the summer can now be planted in crops for a short growing season. Result? More food. OK, now tell me why this wouldn’t be the real scenario … if, that is, we actually experienced this global warming.


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