America’s Lawsuit Happy

But we already knew that. Spilled coffee on your lap because you were driving and putting on makeup and talking on the phone and shaving your legs? Sue McDonalds. Feel sexually discriminated agaisnt because there a soft drink named Mr. Pibb, but none named Mrs. Pibb? Sue Coca-cola.

It’s insane, I know but it gets better.

In December of 2004, a underocean earthquake shook the Indian Ocean and produced a deadly tsunami that hit the coast of South and Southeast Asia killing over 229,000 people. In August of 2005, eight months after the Asian Tsunami, a category 5 hurricare hit the gulf coast of the United States, killing 1,836 people.

Let’s crunch some numbers. The Asian tsunami killed roughly 125 times more people than Hurrincane Katrina did. Got that? 125 times more people.

Since Katrina, there have been nearly 8,000 lawsuits brought against the federal and state governments of the United States.
Since the tsunami, there have been approximately 0 lawsuits brought against the governments of Asian countries.

Of course this struck me as odd. Why didn’t the Asian population sue their government at all? And then I realized that tsunamis and hurricanes are natural happenings. Governments, as much as they regulate and control, actually don’t control the weather.

Residents of the gulf coast of the united states had exponentially more warning to prepare and avoid their disaster than the Asian countries. And then they sued exponentially times more because they didn’t listen to warnings or take proper precautions.


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