Liberal Lies

This one will take some setting up. So I’ll have to introduce all the players.

Rush Limbaugh – Conservative talk radio king.
Media Matters – ultra left-wing machine created by Hillary Clinton and her supporters and backers to carry forth the attack on conservative talk radio
Jesse MacBeth – US Army Ranger

Here’s the controversy. Media Matters has cooked up a storm over a recent Rush Limbaugh broadcast where he called service members who advocate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq ‘phony soldiers’. It started with Jesse Macbeth. Many of you may have heard of Jesse MacBeth. Actually, you probably haven’t because you’re all probably not as interested in uncovering liberal lies as I am. So I’ll brief you.

Jesse Macbeth is a United States soldier, and he became the liberal’s poster earlier this year when he started telling stories about all of the hideous crimes he saw our soldiers commit while he was serving in Afghanistan and Iraq as an Army ranger. The only problem was, Macbeth was lying.

No, really. He was. This is from a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington:

“U.S. Attorney Jeffrey C. Sullivan today announced some of the results of “Operation Stolen Valor,” a year long effort to investigate and prosecute those who lie about their military service for financial gain or other reasons.”

Here’s Sullivan’s description of Macbeth:

“Jesse Macbeth, 23, Tacoma, Washington, sentenced today in connection with his fraudulent claims of military service. Macbeth sought medical benefits claiming to suffer from PTSD related to service in Iraq and Afghanistan, in fact, Macbeth was discharged from the Army about a month after he joined. Macbeth never traveled outside the U.S. with the Army. Macbeth duped reporters, claiming to be a decorated Army Ranger who had witnessed war crimes.”

Limbaugh was directing his comments clearly at MacBeth and only MacBeth, and the liberals took it and ran put words in his mouth. And it really annoys me. If you have a problem with someone, or some group, then fine. I can accept that. But inventing problems means that you can’t find any real problems and are simply sore about your failure.

This is simply a desperate woman using her own creation to try and win an election. No one ever said politicians were completely honest and ethical, but this is beyond bad. Kind of like Hillary’s Baby Bonus. Didn’t even mention it would cost taxpayers $20 billion annually.

And how about this? Los Angeles spent $35 million in July on welfare for illegal criminal aliens! In one month! Don’t say they’re not a drain on society. Yes, I admit, there are plenty of hard-working illegal criminals, but the majority of them are not.


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